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DA House

Year of design: 2016

Year of construction: 2018-2019

Project area: 233m2

Location: Pillagua

Project publications:

-Archdaily. House DA.

-Archello. House DA.

-Trade. A generous home with its surroundings

-Jag Studio. Pillagua House.

Casa DA is a single-family home located in Quito in the Cumbayá Valley, inspired by its exuberant landscape context.  The search for a resting space and viewpoint for a family encourages the generation of a home at the top of a hillside and the valley as a continuation of nature.   


The project was born from two retaining walls, where two volumes that contain, the public and the private, sit perpendicularly. A central empty space is generated as a distribution hall that crosses the volume and connects us to the garden.


The volumetric composition divides the land into a public area with a contemplative garden that accompanies the access, and a recreational rear garden, with a teak wood platform that ends in a hydromassage pool.

The DA House is located at the top of the plot looking for the best views and orientation according to its topography and environment.  


The planning respected all the trees on the land, highlighting a large carob tree that tops the circulation axis and shelters the main room with its shade.

The foundation is made of reinforced concrete where a light system of metallic structure is supported that allowed to obtain large spans and open spaces.

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