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House - studio Photography

Year of design: 2016

Year of construction: 2016 - 2017

Project area: 210m2

Location:  La Morita

Project publications:

- Trama editions # 140. May 2017

- * Divisare 2018:

The concept that defines the project commissioned by a photographer as a residence and studio- was based on an analysis of a volume with a regular shape in plan and section which establishes a dialogue through a space with visual leaks, orienting in an East direction - West thus avoiding the winds and intense sunlight of the Tumbaco valley.


The house functions as a “hall” within a 8000 m2 lot, which allowed the program to be dispersed in a single floor. Two spaces define the main living and working spaces: both are connected through a main corridor that leads to the rear garden.


Light plays an important role in the space, it is interwoven between the window slats and the horizon in the living space.


Several strategies were implemented to reduce work costs: Plywood boards supported within the joists of the structural framing were used for the collapses. The floors are made of smoothed and sealed concrete.

The parking container is a basic metal structure covered with industrial metal sheet, which dialogues with the coated photography studio in the same way. The front façade of the living area is made up of on-site concrete slats and glass, which together with the channels of the studio sheet placed vertically, help to balance the horizontality of the 25-meter long bar. On the rear facade, only the service spaces are closed, the rest are glazed and permeable to merge the interior spaces with the covered exterior terrace.


The result is a simple, contemporary and low-cost project.

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