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Rivera House

Year of design: 2013

Year of construction: 2013-2014

Project area: 380m2

Location: Guangopolo

Project publications:

- Honorable mention to the city of Quito decoration award.

- Project nominated for best work of the year by Archdaily 2016

- Trama editions # 127. La Rivera House.

-Archive BAQ 2014. Casa La Rivera

-Archello. House in Quito.



Casa La Rivera is a home located in one of the valleys surrounding the city of Quito, with constant average annual temperatures of 20 degrees Celsius. It is generated from two axes that open towards the natural slope of the valley, which ends in two important volcanoes in the Ecuadorian Andes, Cotopaxi and Pasochoa. The project is on the slopes of the Ilaló volcano, which together with an artificial reservoir generates a very strong immediate landscape.

Embracing the landscape and preserving privacy was one of the client's main requirements.


The starting point was to divide the program into three volumes that intersect and form a central void where the porch is located, which, due to the spring climate, becomes the heart of the house. The public volume is oriented in a north-south direction, thus avoiding the intense equatorial sun and  allowing you to look through a large window towards the valley and the volcanoes. On the other hand, the private container is a suspended bar that is oriented east-west, to receive sunlight in a more controlled manner both in the morning and in the afternoon. The services are in a third volume that supports the private.

The intersection of the three elements leaves an unbuilt void, which becomes the porch, which is the center of gravity of the house.

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