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Tower House

Year of design: 2016

Year of construction: 2016 - 2017

Project area: 450m2

Location: Lumbisí

Project of three terraced units, which takes advantage of the complexities of the terrain to solve the distribution of the program. They are independent units with private gardens that are accessed through the living spaces.

Located in Lumbisí, one of the oldest indigenous communes in the country. Colonized by the movements of the population of Quito, towards the peripheral valleys of the city, in search of countryside and a warmer climate. The plot was born from a plot of a weekend farm developed in the 80s.


The program includes three houses; two units of 104 m2 for the children and one of 200 m2 for the parents. It was decided to use the natural slope of the land, to place the children's area in the lower part of the lot, generating a large uniform platform that allowed the parents' unit to be placed on the second floor, where the roof of the children's homes it becomes the garden of the parents' house.


The slope of the main street distributes the accesses to the units on the lower floor, the access to parking lots and the unit on the upper floor at the top of the street.


The spring climate of the valleys of Quito, allows the use of outdoor spaces throughout the year, which is why the generation of individual gardens to which all living spaces of the homes are given priority.


The lot is irregular in shape, so two intersecting structural meshes were planned to accommodate the geometry of the terrain. The structure uses concrete walls with columns and metal beams that support slabs with a collaborating plate.


It is a synthetic proposal, which adapts to the topography and morphology of the terrain, with simple volumes that generate quality spaces, full of light and sun.

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