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House Sun Villa

Year of design: 2017

Year of construction: 2018

Project area: 200m2

Location: Yaruquí

Project publications:

-Nominated for work of the year 2019 in Archdaily

- Archdaily. Sun Villa


- 88design. Sun Villa in Yaruquí by Bernardo Bustamante Arquitectos

- House Sun Villa in Yaruqui, Ecuador by Bernardo Bustamante Arquitectos.

- Sun Villa. Archello:

- Frame 153:

-Trade. A house for relaxation made with traditional resources.

A weekend home that is located on one of the hills that border the town of Yaruquí, notably developed by the new Quito airport. Located on a hillside with a regular slope that offers impressive views towards the Tababela valley.

La Casa Sun Villa, was born from the concept of reinterpreting the traditional architecture of the Andes of Quito. To maintain coherence with the environment, brick was used as a fundamental raw material, in this case a hollowed-out brick, which allowed us to solve the details in many ways.

The house is developed in a 21 meter long bar, it works as an axis that adapts to the topography of the land which distributes the entire program in a linear way so that all the spaces are connected to a porch with a privileged view.

The structure is metallic, prefabricated in the workshop and assembled on site. The carpentry is also metal, with a system of sliding and folding doors that allow the house to be shielded, to protect it when it is uninhabited and which in turn works as a blind to cover the porch from the sun or the wind at certain times of the year.

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