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Guarango House

Year of design: 2016

Year of construction: 2016

Project area: 108m2

Location: Ilaló

Project publications:

- Project nominated for best work of the year by Archdaily 2016

- Trama editions # 135. May 2016

- Architecture Platform: Casa el Guarango

- Casa el Guarango-INHABITANT. The sustainable, hilltop home in Ecuador built in 75 days  

- Casa el Guarango-NEHNUTELNOSTI. Tento dom vás inÅ¡piruje! Postavili ho len za 75 dnà a vyzerá bombasticky. 
- Trade. Build up. 01-16-2016

- Archive BAQ 2016. Casa El Guarango

- Archello. The Guarango House.

-Trade. The brick, a warm and resistant material that has several uses.

Architecture and landscape merge through its endless routes, its metal frames photographically framing the context on the Ilaló and the Ecuadorian Andes.


It was built in 75 days, optimizing resources to lower costs, despite the complex location of the project.  

The metal structure, columns, beams and windows make the El Guarango house a sober design and not ostentatious in its materiality, thus managing to focus on the important details in each space.


The bearing brick as masonry was chosen not only for its isolation qualities and its aesthetics that blends in with the surrounding landscape, but also rescues the ancestral craftsmanship when making the bricks with the clay of the site.

  One of the client's requirements was to shield the house when it is not occupied. For this reason, a system of sliding doors with a metallic structure was designed, which are hidden in the architecture. In this area, water is scarce, there is no drinking water, and half the year, it does not rain. Therefore, environmentally, the house seeks to take advantage of a renewable resource such as rainwater. For this, the water from the roof is collected in an artificial cave dug next to the house, which is complemented by a system of cisterns that collect the water through channels implanted in strategic areas of the land, which, in turn, has helped reforestation of the site.


This project demonstrates how to solve the need to build a weekend home in a rural setting with a unique and simple volume, honestly using traditional and contemporary materials, without coatings and without hiding construction elements, generating efficiency and synthesis. , consistent in the field of sustainability.

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